Timberlake’s Runner Runner Movie set in Costa Rica gets Poor Reviews


Costa Rica News Site – Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck star in Runner Runner a drama set in the world of online gambling in Costa Rica

Justin Timberlake plays Richie, a former Wall Street great whose career washed out with the recession. He becomes a Princeton grad student and online gambling wizard, until he pulled into the world of online wagering. After Richie loses his tuition money on a Costa Rican online gambling site he figures out it was a computer scam and heads to Costa Rica to confront Ivan Block (Ben Affleck) who owns the gambling site. He gets his money back and is drawn into the fast-track life of the rich and powerful of Costa Rica’s online gambling world.

Costa Rican crime syndicate, FBI, yachts, girls in bikinis, corrupt Costa Rican police (with Mexican accents when speaking English) – everything you want in a movie set in Central America. Even with the talented cast and glossy Costa Rica backdrop the movie never gets up to full speed.

The film shows Costa Rica somewhere between Cuba in the revolutionary days, Mexico, and the wealthy lifestyle of Miami and does not deliver genuine atmosphere, danger or glamour.

Timberlake puts on the paint-by-the-numbers performance in a prescribed setting. Justin could not carry this movie on his own, but with Affleck and director Brad Furman, the movie does maintain an enjoyable somewhat brisk pace.

Although this movie received poor reviews and performances were lackadaisical, and might not be worth the price of a ticket, it is definitely worth seeing on DVD.

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