Ticos who are imprisoned in the U.S. for money laundering could face 30 years in prison

The Costa Rican Alejandro Luis Giralt Apestegui (age 35) and Carlos Manuel Jimenez Chinchilla (39), arrested in New York for alleged money laundering, are exposed to face 30 years in prison.

The U.S. Attorney accuses them of federal crimes of money laundering and illicit association, according to the Consulate General in New York.

Details on the facts of the crimes will be presented before Judge Colleen McMahon in a hearing on September 5, at 10:15 a. m., as detailed by the press office of the Court of the United States.

The Consul of Costa Rica in New York, Ana Lorena Villalobos said she had communication with Adam Perlmutter, co-counsel for Chinchilla, to offer assistance to nationals.

Villalobos said Perlmutter explained that the prosecution has not revealed evidence that exists against the Ticos.

The consul managed also a visit to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York, where prisoners are.

Costa Ricans manage multiple companies here, Giralt is Condeduque Steering Group, developer of luxury residential Prados del Rio, in Carrillo, Guanacaste,

According to the charging document, which the nation has a copy, the offenses occurred between January and August,

The research was in charge of Internal Revenue Service (IRS, for short), which is the U.S. federal agency, , responsible for tax collection and tax compliance,

According to the Immigration Department, Luis Alejandro Giralt left Spain on August 4 at 11:20 a. m. That same day, stopped in El Salvador,

The charge of the prosecution, said that Giralt met on 5 August in the city of New York with another defendant in the same case, Francisco Delgado,

Also reveals that the Costa Rican Carlos Manuel Chinchilla emailed to Giralt, on March 2, to ask him about the trip to New York,

U.S. authorities, , reported on 10 August at the Consulate, on the capture of Costa Ricans in Manhattan.

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