Ticos Load Up On Booze Ahead Of Holy Holiday

Hundreds of Costa Ricans came in search of liquor or beer during the afternoon of Wednesday at various supermarkets in the Walmart Corporation. The reason is that a few hours later they would be implementing prohibition, as confirmed by the representative of Corporate Affairs, Yolanda Fernandez.

Radio Reloj visited the supermarket this afternoon Más x Menos in Savannah,where it was found that dozens of people buying alcohol. However, a lot of customers came in search of tuna, sardines, chiverre honey and other productsof the time.

For example, Theresa Diaz, who arrived early hours of the afternoon in search of beer, fruit, milk and some vegetables.

today at midnight the polls will close the liquor stores, bars, supermarkets and other stores that sell beer and liquor. According to reports, members of the security forces cooperate in the placement of seals, to ensure the implementation of Prohibition during the day Thursday and Friday.

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