Tico Who Contribute to the CCSS Will Be Minority in 2022


The Social Security Fund (CCSS) will continue to enjoy what is called the “demographic bonus” at least until 2022.

It is the link between people paying into the Fund and those who do not – according to their age range.

According to the Comptroller General of the Republic, 46.4% of the Costa Rican population are children or older than 64 years, however, by 2022, this situation will change and will be less economically for the fund.

The data is included in the chapter on CCSS’s final balance of the comptroller general, Rocío Aguilar, who will leave office on 7 May.

The Comptroller also reveals that the “health tax bonus” come until 2013. This bonus tax means, the relationship between what is contributed to what is spent in the health system.

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