This Wednesday, Flu Vaccines Arrive to Costa Rica


The waiting process for H1N1 and H2N3 vaccines ends this Wednesday.

On that day the country will receive 290,000 adult doses and 23,000 doses for children.

The authorities sped up the process to have everything in country and ready to go this week.

By Friday the 29 hospitals and 100 health centers will have the vaccines.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health surveillance confirmed that no new cases were reported with the influenza virus.

Only 5 cases are reported. all of them are children who are in medical surveillance in the National Children’s Hospital.

The last detected case was registered on January 31. The authorities are calling for continued vigilance.

Also they asked for special health care with the protocol for children under age two and the older adults.

The best recommendations are: wash hands often with soap and water, especially before eating. Using alcohol gel and avoid being in public place where there are a lot of people.

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