The whole essence of Costa Rican forest will be in a New York bottle

Four young Costa Ricans have developed a new project. The aim is to bring to New York, the sounds of the forests of Costa Rica. The idea is to introduce into the Big Apple the brand of bottled Rain Forest and exhibit the natural beauty of our country.

Currently, Rain Forest is sold in the country in several supermarket chains, convenience stores and the tourism sector. It is expected that in the coming weeks to enter the New York market.

The watermark joined with GreenNoise company who has a website showing the sounds and biodiversity, in real time, from different forest areas of the country. Consumers can access this page, scanning the bottle cap or directly entering the site

Also as part of the work to expose the natural beauty, created a mural dedicated to Rafa, a jaguar is in the Pumas Rescue Center, located in Guanacaste. In the work e can see Celeste River, located in the province of Alajuela and the Red Frog. The mural is located in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

“Our purpose is to bring Costa Rican products to another level and give added value. For example with the use of 100% recycled plastic” said Ariel Aizeman, creator and director of this project.

With the slogan to promote environmental protection, the organization of the money intended for its sales to various environmental conservation organizations.

As the National Forestry Financing Fund (FONAFIFO), Pro-Parks and the Pumas Rescue Center. Esther Pomareda, biologist Pumas Rescue Center, located in Cañas of Guanacaste, said that with the alliance has announced the center and several companies and individuals have come to offer help.

“Together with GreenNoise, around two months, we started a microsite where it is possible find information about our work and conservation of cats,” said Pomareda.

Ariel Aizenman, Jeancarlo Carranza, Diego Miranda and Facu Fischer, are the four businessmen who worked on the development of the mural. While the team works at the official launch of the Rain Forest Water for early next year.