The prisoners of Costa Rica will have a place to smoke in jail

costa rica smoking

Prisoners who are in the prison of San Sebastian, in San Jose, will have a space for smoking.

This was the order given by the Constitutional Court to the authorities of Social Adaptation, and the detention center , by 15,388 votes, released by the press office of the Judiciary.

Prisoners asked for help from the Chamber to claim that they do not allow smoking in the halls, and prohibiting the sale of cigarettes in the shop at the prison.

Also they complained because since 1. ° October were not allowed to enter cigarettes.

The Ministry of Justice, responsible for prisons, turned these guidelines in compliance with the General Law on Control of Snuff and its harmful health effects, effective March.

This legislation restricts smoking in workplaces and public institutions.

The judges, however, took in partial form the appeal filed by the accused and ordered to “immediately take the necessary measures to enable an open space in which prisoners can consume snuff”.

By mandate, Reinaldo Villalobos, deputy director of Social Adaptation, said they expect to know the full resolution to rotate the instructions.

Villalobos confirmed weeks ago, had applied a series of restrictions on the consumption of snuff in this prison.

The intention, he said, was to transform the criminal in a smoke-free and offer programs and workshops to inmates to leave this addiction, following recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA).

Now, should change the rules to comply with the judgment of the Constitutional Court.

“We have to estimate the space required for the inmates to smoke in an environment that does not harm others,” Villalobos said.

The prison of San Sebastian, at this time, is one of the four most overcrowded prisons in the country with 79.5% of overpopulation.