The number of tourists coming to the country is much lower than the figures of ICT

Tourism was the hen with the golden eggs, but bad policies are taking it into bankruptcy.

“They are liars. Is the government the only thing that does is lying? “Said BorisMarchegiani.

In this way expressed the president of the Chamber of Tourism of Quepos and owner of one of the most important hotels in the area.

According to the leader, while the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) states thateverything runs smoothly, hundreds of tourism companies live in suffocation andare very close to disappearing.

“A year ago, according to the Social Security Fund both in restaurants andhotels 40% were in judicial recovery or were to be executed. Now I would have to say that this figure could increase to 70%, “the speaker of the Chamber.

And that is the environment in the vicinity of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Marlon Fernandez, Gaia Hotel waiter explained that “if we walk along the beach on a summer day, _ there are no people, and people are still waiting for the situation to improve.”

“It has been reduced by at least 50% of tourists visit this area,” said Carlos Sandoval, owner of Hotel Manuel Antonio.

To Quepos and the entire coastal area that continues north to Guanacaste, tourism is the fountain of life. This activity changed the way of life of farmers and fishermen and opened another perspective. Now the process is reversed.

“Before 2008 the annual average occupancy was continuous from 57%, from 2009 to now dropped to 40%,” said Jose Quintana, owner of Hotel La Mariposa in Quepos.

Also, Jorge Fernandez, representing the Hotel Pacific Souss said “occupations are handled on average 30% in some months and so far this 2012 the average of 40%.”

Of the tourist activity depend 500,000 people around the country. But the first result of this crisis is the total or partial firing of employees.

The tourism business is accused of multiple faults the government as a whole and in particular ICT.

The first is what they call manipulation of figures. The point is that the country has been proclaiming that receives two million tourists.

And that figure was released again last week by Tourism Minister Allan Flores.

“This year we are growing in the first half by 7.4% compared with the same period last year, we hope to continue to grow to reach 8% growth year-end,” said the minister.