The National Scholarship Fund Used ¢1,000M For Administrative Costs

The National Scholarship Fund (Fonabe) used in administrative costs ¢ 1.066 million with the money for scholarships to help poor students.

This was revealed by an audit report of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security and an investigation by the Office of the Ombudsman.

According to the audit, with that amount of money could have benefited 7,456 poor children with a scholarship of ¢ 13,000 monthly for 11 months.

The funds accounted for 7% of the 2010 budget. This year, Fonabe had ¢ 13.604 million.

Those resources were transferred by the Family Allowances (CHALLENGES) as part of 0.43%, by law, this institution destined to the Scholarship Fund.

The investigation of the Audit of the Ministry of Labour confirms that “this money was used for administrative expenses of Fonabe without the approval of the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), or authorization of the DESAF”.

Specifically, the money was used to pay salaries, services, purchasing materials and supplies, and current transfers.

The Law of Social Development and Family Allowances, modified by Law Number 8783, says that “resources are not used in such expenses, why should be reoriented.”

Sonia Calderon, president of the Board of Fonabe, said yesterday in an interview that the legal reform that prohibited the transfer of money became effective for the next budget.

“Fonabe had to perform its operating expenses. We have received no reaction to this response, that we gave to the Auditor “the chief said yesterday.

The Office of the Ombudsman, also pointed out default within the period to resolve subsidy applications and the deposit of scholarships.

The investigation revealed that there was rejection of requests for scholarships, although it met all the requirements, and not communicated properly to the applicants on the results of its management.

Problems like these were targeted by the Comptroller General’s Office in a report of 2008-2009.

As for the delay in the deposit of support, the heads of Fonabe claimed responsibility for the delay of the National Institute for Children (PANI) and CHALLENGES in making their turns.

This Tuesday, the Ombudsman revealed that 47,000 children have received no support at all in 2012 by a problem between Fonabe and the National Bank. Following the complaint, the bank reported solutions.

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