The Hospital of Puntarenas gets refurbished labor room and intensive care service

Monsignor Sanabria Hospital in Puntarenas rehabilitated, this morning, the labor room and and intensive care services and Neonatology.

As reported by Randall Alvarez, director of the center, these areas are located on the ground floor of the east side of the hospital tower.

Until now, these specialties were being treated at the Clinic of Barranca, since the Nicoya earthquake on 5 September.

“They are enabling areas that are not at risk, both for the employee and patient, and thus provide better care to get the insured,” said Alvarez.

Tatiana Rivas, nine months pregnant and neighbor of Puntarenas, waiting to give birth to her third child in the Monsignor Sanabria.

“Sounds good that opens the labor room, because I’m almost ready to give birth to my third child and here’s the more specialized area in Barranca Clinic,” said Rivas.

Already started, the repair work of the damaged walls, after the strong earthquake of magnitude 7.6 Mw (moment magnitude). The intention is to have an area for cooking and emergency services.

By the time the external consultation stays in the old House of the Nuns, located 400 meters north of the entrance to the neighborhood Fray Casiano de Madrid.

In addition, the clinics of San Rafael, Barranca and Esparza, Hospital patients continue to receive inquiries related to the area of General Medicine.