The government expects better overall image at the end of the current administration

Francisco Chacón, Minister of Communication, said the image of the government of Laura Chinchilla is in recovery and that this improvement will be seen more clearly towards the end of the administration.

This was the reaction of Chacon, after the results of the survey Unimer on presidential work, where supposedly the figures left to decay, but are still red.

“The decline stopped, in our measurements, we have an even longer recovery, mild yet. This is a slow process, so we are optimistic. We believe that the end of government, Costa Ricans will appreciate the efforts we are doing, “said Chacon.

The official said the government hires its own surveys every two months.

The Unimer study, drawn from 3 to October 11, showed that the percentage of people who reproves the work of the president remained at 53% between July and October this year, while the group that approves increased from 13% to 12%.

“Of course we are not results to be satisfied, but at least agrees with what we have been feeling in recent weeks,” Chacon, attributed the results to improved security, prudent management of the economy and efforts to generate more jobs.

Yolanda Acuna, chief fraction PAC, said that the Government had reached a level where could not go lower, but also noted that the communication strategy of Chacon, perhaps is influenced.

Meanwhile, Luis Fishman, head of the PUSC, said the survey is an accurate reading of popular opinion.