The general tax department publishes list of 435 delinquents


The Directorate General of Taxation revealed yesterday that 435 delinquent taxpayers have to pay the state ¢ 14,485,000 in taxes.
A 90% of these amounts, this means, ¢ 13.084 million, is already in judicial recovery, even cases where there are more than five years and some businessprocess and its corporate name no longer exists, it was recognized by the director of Taxation, Carlos Vargas.

The amounts include debts of several items, including income tax, general salestax, selective consumption tax withholdings and penalties and timbres of education and culture.

Only a company with the trade name is Western Newfoundland, S. A.accumulated a debt of ¢ 741 million in the area of ​​legal bills. Another, calledConstructora Mena, S. A., has a debt of an amount of ¢ 327 million.

According to Vargas, in this list of delinquent amounts are accumulating several years and many interests.

The list of the Ministry of Finance is also the category of incoming delinquent, which highlights the presence of the state National Production Council (CNP) with ¢ 433.6 million, primarily on sales taxes for the placements of its subsidiary National Factory Liquor.

The total debt of that category is ¢ 596 million, the debtors’ repeat of ¢ 741.8 million, and of recidivists of ¢ 62.6 million, revealed Taxation, which belongs to the Ministry of Finance.

In total, 300 companies and 135 people appear in the list, which is cut to 30 November. This is the second time that the Treasury publishes the amount of arrears and the amounts outstanding of each.

The list of defaulters with taxes is published periodically, it is ordered by a first ruling of the Constitutional Court, in June 2010, before an appeal lodged by the journalist of the weekly El Financiero, Alejandro Fernández.

The 1. ° October this year it was announced that taxation should add to the list the amounts owed ​​by each person or company, as the Constitutional Court again ruled in favor of another amparo filed by Miguel Angel Gutierrez Rodriguez, a doctor retired education.