The Fiscal Accuses Three Deputies From PLN (Partido Liberación Nacional) For Illegal Donations

fiscal costa rica

The general Fiscal, Jorge Chavarría, criminally accused three deputies from Liberación Nacional, from participating in supposed illegal donations favoring the PLN.

Óscar Alfaro, Antonio Calderón, and Alicia Fournier yesterday rejected the charges. According to the Chief of the Public Ministry, they facilitated the contributions in species to the PLN from Anonymous Societies. Even though the Electoral coded prohibits it.

The penalties for these crimes goes from 2 to 6 years in prison.

Chavarría presented two accusations. The first one has to do with a property that Calderón, in his condition of general secretary from the PLN, enrolled as a politic club for the 2010 campaign, by Alfaro’s request.

The house near Asamblea Legislativa, belongs to the society “Chicharrín S.A.” represented by the deputy Óscar Alfaro.

In this case, Chavarría blamed Alfaro for giving a donation to PLN through a society and Calderón for receiving it; this was concealed under an agreement that it shouldn’t be reported to TSE (Tribunal Supremo de Elecciónes).

The other accusation roams around the donation of “Balcón Verde”, central headquarters from PLN in south Sabana, San José, and valued in over 450 million colones.

Against a complaint from TSE, the fiscal determined that the property was under the name of a society called “Verdiblanco S.A.” and that, in October 2010, the owner of the firm, Alonso Lara Tomas (ex-leader from PLN), gave away “El Balcón Verde” to Bernal Jiménez, President of PLN.

Immediately, Jiménez donated the building to PLN. To the fiscal, these acts constituted a covered illegal donation.

Calderón and Fournier, she then treasurer of PLN, accepted the donation; the deputy even registered the property in the patrimony of the political party, as if this came from Bernal Jiménez. –Said Chavarría.

Antonio Calderón and Alicia Fournier yesterday affirmed that the Balcón Verde transfer was done with complete transparency, to make as straight as possible the situation of the property.

“The political party informed the TSE from these movements, we believed we acted in good faith, there was never anything shady in this situation”, – Said Calderón.

About the club, the deputy affirmed that the only thing he did was registering the place that Alfaro asked him to.

As a last thing he said that the Fiscal is running into bad information, because there’s no donation or rental from said house to the PLN, but it was him, as the owner, who used it as a personal office.

The fiscal asked Sala III, to request the Asamblea Legislativa, the lifting of the immunity from the three deputies of PLN.

Chavarría added that in the case of Balcón Verde, by a law default, no charges could be planted against the owner of the society that made the indirect donation.

According to the Fiscal, there are other criminal investigations in process regarding the political finances. From the PLN, PAC and Movimiento Libertario. Against this last political party, there’s a case still left to be resolved.

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