The Death of Sean O’Donnell – Part 2

On August 13th we ran a story concerning the discovery of the body of Sean Cameron O’Donnell in Guanacaste.

After receiving a letter from his mother we felt it would only be right if we ran another version with the proper corrections the mother kindly pointed out to us.

Early Wednesday, Sean and a friend were at the home of his parents – Sean was noticeably upset given the recent death of his dog Monday of last week.

The mother, Pamela O’Donnell and father John O’Donnell, were in New York but had returned to Costa Rica on Thursday afternoon because they were concerned their son had not been seen since Wednesday. There were already friends searching for the missing man.

On Friday the mother contacted a friend to ask him to continue the search for her son and it would ultimately be this man that would discover the lifeless body of Sean O’Donnell.

Shortly thereafter, this friend and the father, John O’Donnell, would contact police in Flamingo to report the death.

Gerardo Nunez, of the Flamingo Tourist Police, said that the father came to the police station Friday and said he had found his son dead.

The father is currently in San Jose at the morgue gathering information on the cause of death. At this time no foul play is suspected and family are anticipating an accidental death of their son.


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