The country qualifies unattractive agricultural supply of Colombia

The offer to open the agricultural market by Colombia does not satisfy Costa Rica, said yesterday the deputy minister of Foreign Trade (Comex), Fernando Ocampo.

Ocampo’s opinion was given when discussions began to open markets in the second round of negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Columbia and Costa Rica.

Costa Rica expressed to Colombia its interest beyond selling pork, greens, sugar, lactoserum and various food industry products, such as pasta, Ocampo said.

The first offer Colombian agriculture was not sufficient for the needs Costa Rican Vice Minister emphasized.

In addition, agricultural products in which countries compete in third markets, such as bananas, coffee and flowers, are not covered by the offer and possibly in the FTA.

On the industrial side, in its second offer to open the market, Costa Rica included textiles, metalworking, graphic industry and plastics.

This is added to the first offer given to Colombians for discussion during the first round of the FTA, held in Bogotá, on July 30 to August 3.