The comptroller investigates a pre-payment to a Chinese phone carrier Huawei

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The Comptroller General’s Office investigatesto eleven officials of the Instituto Costarricense of Electricity (ICE) for the telephone prepayment to Chinese Huawei, provider of the 3G mobile phone network.

It investigates why the Procurement Board of the Institute, authorized in 2010 to turn the money, the Asian firm $ 4.6 million contracted by 126 base stations, but which had not yet been installed and were operating.

This turn took eight months in advance and then to unilaterally modify the contract with Huawei.

The investigation was initiated by a complaint filed in June of 2011, by Rep. Luis Fishman Social Christian.

Fishman required the audit of 12 aspects of the Chinese company hiring a third-generation cellular network (3G).

Among the investigated include Abraham Madrigal, who belonged to the general management of the ICE and chaired the Board of Acquisition and Claudio Bermúdez, then deputy Telecommunications Institute.

Also appearing Clemencia Barrantes, assistant Administrative Management and Luis Enrique Pacheco, director of electricity projects, who attended the meeting in which it approved the payment to Huawei, representing the assistant manager of Electricity, Gravin Mayorga.

Were also cited the deputy Finance, Luis Mauricio Moreno, the director of procurement, Waldemar Núñez, the 3G network project manager, José Pablo Blotta, and the director of the Division of Networks and Systems, Ivan Flores.

Completing the list Illiana Rodriguez, director of Public Procurement, Francisco Rojas, counsel that direction, and Francisco Salas, 3G SMA project manager.

Bermudez, Madrigal and Pacheco, expressed to be respectful of the investigation of the Comptroller and precautionary measures. But it was not possible to get the view of others involved, who have tried to locate in various ways.

The comptroller confirmed that follows a normal administrative procedure for possible administrative, and civil in the case of base stations.

By reason of the potential liabilities, it added, were issued precautionary measures against those involved.

Apparently these measures consist of notes on farms, homes, vehicles.

In this way the Comptroller seeks to ensure how charge if they declare them responsible.

The investigation should appear at a oral and public hearing on 7, 8 and November 9th.