The CCSS Sues 16,800 Companies For Failing To Pay Insurance For Employees


The CCSS are sued before the courts of justice on an average of 92 patrons per day, during the first half of this year.

In total, the company initiated legal collection proceedings against 16,812 business owners in their capacity as late payments or by incurring undue retention, this means that they did not provide social security to the money being reduction every month to each worker .

The claim of the Social Security Fund (CCSS) amounted to ¢ 12,225,000.

Most complaints are civil in nature (13 831 cases) and the single objective is to collect the money.

However, the remaining 2981 cases are also on the criminal tribunal for wrongful retention provides punishment of imprisonment for that crime.

The Fund now depends on the speed with which the courts resolve claims.

Luis Diego Calderon Villalobos, chief of the Department of Collections, said the wrongful retention is contemplated as a crime in Article 45 of the Constitutive Act of the Fund.

In addition to the more than 16,000 claims, the Fund conducted between January and June 43,476 collection notices court.

The warning to employers is after the delinquency exceeds 90 days.

With these efforts warning, the Fund intends to encourage the payment of a total of ¢ 32,000 million.

The director explained that Calderon collection notices are managed from 75 offices that have the Fund around the country.

In addition, the bank has groups of internal and external lawyers to follow each case.

In recent weeks, the Fund has reported the debts leading different sectors. One of these cases is that of security delinquent 405 companies for a total of ¢ 3.737 million.