Technology will join with Sinac to combat illegal logging

Combining two information systems allow the park rangers, from 2013, to verify the legality of timber passing through the country roads.

From a phone or tablet with Internet access, they can keep track of each tree. If it appears in the system is because have the permission, if not, may come from illegal logging.

“Growing trees for harvesting is sustainable productive activity. The problem is when the wood comes from illegal logging and cut endangered species, or affect forests, “said Gilbert Canet, manager of Natural Resource Management, National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac).

Using these technology platforms, the Information System of Forest Resources (Sirefor) intends better control of wood in order to ensure its legality.

Moreover, as stated Canet, technology would help combat corruption cases that could arise in the allocation process and guide plates as well as in the operations of road.
Since 2011, the Sinac has a technology platform known as Information System for Forest Harvesting Control (SICAF).

During the field work is performed as part of the processing of logging permits or short, officials noted the georeferencing (GPS position) of trees and farm and know the location of each.

That information is included in the digital file that each farm in the SICAF and, with only Internet access, staff can review everything concerning that forestry permit.

This year, the Sinac began implementing another system, focused on handling and transport guides wooden plates.

Each guide and each plate has a unique number that is entered into the system.

When granting permission, the system automatically assigns a number of transport guides and plates as authorized.

“Depending on the species, each tree can have two or three logs. Each log is assigned a tree whose plate is already georeferenced “said Canet.

Thus, during operations in the road, the officer-from a device with Internet-can type plate truck carrying wood, and that will take the permission of the estate which he left the wooden log.

At the date, the office of Liberia is the only one with both systems.

However, the aim is install them in the 32 regional offices during 2013 Sinac.

To Canet, the plate system and guides will also help in providing information to see the routes that are taking illegal logging and timber trade.

“We still have another module aimed at developing the industry because the wood is in transit somewhere. For that we needed to know how many sawmills were and where they are. Now the census we did this year provided that information, and we can design the system to close the loop, “said Canet.