Taxi Drivers Contemplate Strike by Taking to the Streets

Taxi drivers across the country will meet to determine whether to re-take the streets to demand their right to work. The meeting is based on the fact that they must change their vehicles again according to regulations.

About 200 taxi drivers could lose their badges. Taxi drivers have until February 29th to comply. The law requires that all cars that transport people, can not be more than 15 years old.

During several conversations with taxi drivers,government officials pledged to give them two months later to catch up on this requirement, but they explained it was not possible.

The main reason is that Rodrigo Rivera, Deputy Minister of Transport, said, that would make the necessary arrangements for the National Bank to lend them money in special conditions, and they would put as guarantee the plate.

Lorenzo Hernandez, one of the leaders of this movement said:

“This is a difficult situation. The country is going through an economic crisis and there are many taxis on the streets, and those that are 100% legal have to pay.”

“This increases competition, and we do not have the money to pay cash ”

He added that, the taxi drivers who have had better luck and have some property to mortgage in order to move forward with this requirement and be able to work, it is very difficult to obtain the money required to repay that debt and also support their family.

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