Taxation expected 405,000 declarations of income tax – will it happen?

For this year the Directorate General of Taxation expects 405,000 tax returns on income of fiscal 2012, which ends on 30 September.

According to the Comptroller General of the Republic, the estimated collection for 2012 for this service is ¢ 880,000 million. During the year we have made partial payments until last August were canceled ¢ 507,000 million.

The declaration of the income tax must file natural or legal persons, public or private, who performed in the country’s business activities or lucrative nature in the period from 1. ° October 2011 to 30 September 2012.

The Director General of Taxation, Carlos Vargas, said that according to Article 79 of the Code of Tax Rules and Procedures, when the taxpayer fails to comply with the filing of tax returns within the deadlines established, have a penalty equal to 50% of a base salary (base salary currently is ¢ 360,600 and ¢ 180,300 half).

Furthermore, Article 57 of the code above, indicates that the payment made after the deadline requires the taxpayer to cancel interest. The current rate is 0.04623% daily and applied to the amount of tax payable.

Both the program EDDI-7, as the portal “Direct Taxation @”, perform this calculation automatically.

The statement can only be filed via the Internet, through the website of Taxation (ht tp :/ / / tributaciondirecta), for which must upload the xml file type that is generated by software EDDI-7 .

“Presented the declaration, the payment can be made by connectivity through financial institutions that offer this service (‘), or directly into these boxes, using only the taxpayer’s identification number,” said Vargas.