Taxable Smoking Ban in Public Places in Costa Rica

costa rica smoking

The new smoking ban will prohibit smoking in the bus terminals and train stations,public transport units, at ATMs and at work. Additionally, impose a tax of 20¢ per cigarette sold in the country. 60% of the money raised will go to the Social Security Fund for the “diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases related to smoking.”

Yesterday, with 46 votes in favor and four against, the deputies approved the first reading of the General Law on Control of Tobacco and Adverse Effects on Health.

The four dissenting votes correspond to Members of the Libertarian Movement,Adonay Enriquez, Ernesto Chavarria, Alfaro and Damaris Marielos Quintana.

The approved project does not allow smokers to light cigarettes at ATMs, elevators, bars, casinos, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping centers.

In the area of ​​broadcasting, Article 12 of the rule prohibits “any form of advertising, promotion and sponsorship of tobacco and their derivatives.

Tax per cigarette, which according to estimates by the Ministry of Health will be of ¢68,000 million a year, plus 60% will go to the CCSS, 20% will be for the Health portfolio, 10% for the Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (IAFA) and 10% for the Costa Rican Institute of Sport and Recreation (ICODER).

Health Minister, Daisy Corrales – who was present during the vote yesterday – was pleased by the tax because the Fund invests ¢ 58,000 million in the care of people affected by smoking related diseases.

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