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Costa Rica is celebrating 188 years of the Annexation of Nicoya

On July 25, Costa Ricans celebrated 188 years of history when under their own volition, Guanacastecans decided to annex themselves to our territory in 1824. From July 25, 1824 it was written in the arms of the province “of the country by Our Will,” because the inhabitants of the province decided to be annexed to

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Costa Rica Tourism Numbers Fudged?

A group of tourism businesses agglutinated in the Association for the Protection of Tourism (Protur) announcement on Thursday morning that they will raise a civil suit against the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) for alleged misrepresentation in the disclosure of the figures for entry of tourists into the country. The entity, defended and emphasized that

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Costa Rica Tour Operators Claim Slow(er) Season This Year

This year, Costa Rica tour operators say that they experienced a slight decrease in inbound tourism numbers flowing through their businesses. In spite of what ICT is reporting for 2012, companies offering Costa Rica tours of all types, are reporting a lower in-flow of traffic. Miguel Solano Bartles of CR Tours N’ Stuff had this

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Tour in Costa Rica Could be Awarded an “Emmy”.

The tour called “Quest for Pura Vida” by the Costa Rica Expeditions agency was located between the elite top 50 by the magazine “Traveler” from National Geographic, thanks to the episode broadcast on the “Adventures with Purpose”, of the PBS television network. The recognition came because they felt that Costa Rica has something special that

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Tourism Minister Looks To Costa Rica Medical Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism said that ecotourism is not enough to attract foreigners to our country, and this year they will be giving major importance to Costa Rica medical tourism and the annual conventions held throughout the world. The Hierarch of the portfolio, Allan Flores, says the investment will be a key to this period