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Cocomar Costa Rica

We’re On The Beach…Why Aren’t You?

This is the slogan of the newly opened beachfront hotel in Palo Seco called Cocomar. Although the property has been there awhile, they’ve just recently refurbished the swimming pool and done an array of other renovations to the hotel. Cocomar has also just recently (last few days) relaunched their web site — check out the

Drunk Driver Kills Two Friends

Holy Week ended last night with a violent car accident that left two people killed in Ipis de Goicoechea and another who is clinging between life and death. The driver, apparently drunk, whose name has not been released, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a group of three Nicaraguan friends who were talking

costa rica traffic

Traffic Police Levy Over 3500 Fines Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday

This Semana Santa the total traffic fines remained lower than the records of this same period last year when 4,375 fines were made. Cesar Quiroz, director of the Traffic Division, explained that in light of these figures it was decided to increase the presence of officers on regular roads and hopefully this would lead to