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Yoga steadily gains popularity in Costa Rica

Yoga steadily gains popularity in Costa Rica

Since the 90s, Costa Rica has experienced a growing interest in yoga, a discipline of Indian origin, which is defined as the art and science of mental discipline that can help you to broaden your mind. The experts in the field say that yoga seeks to reach the integration of the individual soul (jiva –

tree planting in costa rica

The RE-Growth of Costa Rica

June 25th, 2011…will be a historical day throughout Central America while a campaign labeled (Reforest Central America), gets underway. The project was organized by the youth of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama. The replanting of trees throughout the rainforests of the world is crucial. In this country, 5000 trees are to

Thanks to NRDC Members, Part of Costa Rican Rainforest Gets a Second Chance

I not long ago had the pleasure of spending hours with my hands in the dirt, planting trees to support regenerate a patch of Costa Rican rainforest. It was a wonderful day. It was also a excellent testament to how NRDC members are creating a concrete difference in this stunning and rugged region.  Thanks to

Footwear Company Pledges Trees For Costa Rican Rainforest

Footwear and apparel company Etnies is promising to plant a tree in a Costa Rican Rainforest for every single pair of shoes the business sells in its recycled-content line. Established in 1986, etnies says it is the very first skateboarder-owned and operated business in its market–and Costa Rica has long been a favorite destination for