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Red Tides Hit Quepos Region

Bad odor, yellow foam and dark discoloration of sea water, are characteristic of a red tide. This phenomenon that hit this month in the central Pacific coast is a situation that has affected the tourism and fishing. Antonio Porras, technical director of the Costa Rican Institute of Fishing and Aquaculture (Incopesca), said the first sampling

Cocomar Costa Rica

We’re On The Beach…Why Aren’t You?

This is the slogan of the newly opened beachfront hotel in Palo Seco called Cocomar. Although the property has been there awhile, they’ve just recently refurbished the swimming pool and done an array of other renovations to the hotel. Cocomar has also just recently (last few days) relaunched their web site — check out the


French and Russian Authorities Working Together on Dubois Case

On March 31 the one year anniversay of the demise of the French couple named Dubois while visiting beaches in the region of Quepos on the central Pacific in our country. According to the ambassador of France Fabrice Delloye (Costa Rica), with the visit of the couple’s only daughter Céline Rousell, we want to get

Costa Rica nude beach

Get NAKED in Costa Rica!

For some travelers, a vacation to Costa Rica might mean something a tad “different” than the average holiday. Nudist beaches are becoming increasingly popular and Costa Rica has it’s share. However, one in particular, Playa Playitas of Manuel Antonio – was recently ranked on of the Top10 Sexiest Nude Beaches in the World. Jane Reynolds

costa rica earthquake

Costa Rica Earthquake – Return of Goliath

At 4:55am on February 13th, 44kms south of Quepos, a large Costa Rica earthquake was felt throughout the country. Determined to be anywhere between 5.7 (USGS) and 6.0 (OVSICORI), either way you look at it, it was a “goliath”. There were similarities to the 6.1 Costa Rica earthquake of January 8, 2009 where some 2450


Officials Rethink Case of Missing French Couple After Hours of Searching in Damas Quepos

Despite reports from Telenoticias Canal 7 stating that OIJ had discovered the bodies of the missing French couple – the Dubois – the truth of the situation was without discovery. 60 officers of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) arrived very early yesterday to the property The Machado, Ladies of Quepos to try to locate the