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Chinchilla Does Not Share Equal Tolerance to Dismissed Official Bolanos

President Laura Chinchilla did not have the same considerations to the ex Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Karina Bolaños that she gave to 11 other leaders of her government when they faced public questions. The president dismissed Bolaños in a few hours after the newspaper “La Teja”, published last Monday, that a court imposed

Country On Alert Over Nicaragua Canal Between Pacific And Caribbean

Careful monitoring by the Government of Costa Rica over the Nicaragua plan to build an interoceanic canal, as approved yesterday the United States Congress in a law considered “historic.” Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Roverssi, said yesterday from Vietnam, which is closely monitored for several weeks when the news came out sunlight, which the government of

ICE Expects 10 Companies To Sell Clean Energy

The Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) estimates that about 10 clean energy companies will sell as part of the procurement process that is going to begin very soon. The institution announced yesterday that it has already sent to The Gaceta, the invitation to make a first project selection process to buy 140 megawatts (MW), the

Advance Project To Telecommunications

The initiative for the telecommunications sector will pass responsibility from the Ministry of Environment to the Ministry of Science and Technology is advancing at a firm step and this project would be ready at the beginning of the next administration. The Environment Minister Rene Castro, explained that together with this idea they are advancing the

Former Finance Minister Under Investigation For Tax Evasion

Former Finance Minister Fernando Herrero will be subject to investigation by the Directorate General of Taxation for not paying income tax. This was confirmed on Tuesday by Francisco Villalobos. As reported in the daily La Nacion Herrero owes 50 million colones in income taxes for a company called “processes, research and consultancy CA The publication


Former Nobel Winner Oscar Arias, Under Investigation

The Attorney General of the Republic, Jorge Chavarria, confirmed to NewsWatch that former president Oscar Arias Sanchez, is under criminal investigation in the case of Crucitas. The name of the former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, was listed on the front of the main file as one of the people being investigated although not


Early Year Flu Outbreak Surprises CCSS

The scenario that has health authorities in this country very discouraged – the spread of flu is increasing. Costa Rica is waiting for PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) to get 313,000 vaccines against influenza viruses, this means that the doses are set to arrive within several weeks. A few days ago, authorities recognized the lack