Suspects Found Guilty For Transporting Drugs

On Wednesday afternoon the courts read the judgment against three men suspected of international drug trafficking, for the case of a plane that was carrying 177 kilos of cocaine that crashed on October 10, 2010 in the Torres River.

Judge Alvaro Abarca, issued 16 years in prison for Mexican Martinez Trujillo.

For the Guatemalan Monsoon Cid, pilot of the plane, the judge issued 10 years in prison.

It also requested the seizure of items related to the case.

The court explained that the hypothesis presented by the prosecution for the charges was proved in the process. The OIJ, after confidential communications, knew three months before the accident, three foreigners would make a business deal with legal structure and security, to transport the drug to Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Both the defense of Sid Monsoon, like Martinez Trujillo, do not share their solution of the judgment. The court also extended the remand of the accused for six months.

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