Submarine Arrives to Golfo Dulce in the Southern Zone

Three kilometers from the dock in Golfito is the Undersea Hunter.

This submarine is 28 meters long, built in Florida, USA in 1968, has participated in many scientific expeditions and audiovisual. For example, it appeared as support in the filming of a James Bond movie.

But the main aspect that characterizes it is that, inside, it has a real scientific laboratory. This is the submarine Deep See, designed and built by the captain of the boat.

This submersible is responsible for exploring, for the first time the marine riches Golfo Dulce. In it, ten scientists from the University of Costa Rica, do two dives a day.

The ship has capacity for three people. Each trip will involve with two specialists and a pilot. They will stay under water for maximum periods of two hours. Although incase of emergency, the submarine has supplies for three days.

The submarine has long range lights, cameras and high definition video laser points to establish measures and a manipulator arm for collecting samples.

The first immersions were made by the Cocos Island in 2006 where it worked with National Geographic. Later also made expeditions in Malpelo, Colombia, and Panama.

Researchers hope to be able to go to 200 meters depth to field verification and have a clearer idea of the biodiversity of the area.

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