Sub Discovers Over 43 Species of Fish in Golfo Dulce

Before the first immersion to explore the rich marine life of Golfo Dulce, everything was reduced to expectations.

But a month later all these expectations translated into concrete action since the 10 scientists at the University of Costa Rica are holding preliminary results exploration.

On board the submarine Deep See, the researchers conducted a total of nine dives to a maximum depth of 203 meters, for a total of 16 hours 44 minutes of submersion. In additionwas used diving to complement the work.

For the researchers, the expedition was a success and met the expectations that had been planned. With the help of the submarine, the scientists identified 43 different species of fish, grouped into 27 families.

In the exploration also found octocorals, black corals, shrimps, crabs, octopuses and stingrays that until now no one knew they lived in the area of Golfo Dulce.

Also, the scientists found megafauna such as dolphins and sea turtles. The presence of these species suggests to researchers that there CIMAR a possible connection with Cano Island.

But not all good news. In the exploration it was found the presence of sediments that made visibility difficult for researchers, which could result from bad practice in the use of the soil near the coast.

Even noticed the presence of branches and even trees in the background of Golfo Dulce, a situation that poses a threat to some species.

However, are these results that allow authorities to make sound decisions for the conservation of the Golfo Dulce.

The first marine exploration Golfo Dulce, was performed, from 12 to 17 May, had the support of the organization and the foundation Pronature Bill Fish.

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