Students Hit the “Streets of Bitterness”

Returning 37 000 students at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) last Monday, prompted the security forces to resume operations in the famous”Street of Bitterness.”

According to the Director of the Public Force, Juan José Andrade, last Friday launched an operational action at 9:00 pm and lasted until 12:00 am

Officials dealt with 952 people, and wrote citations for 52 motorcycles and about 150 vehicles.

In addition, we identified six guns, two packets of cocaine, 12 doses of crack and four marijuana cigarettes.

They also arrested two persons of Spanish nationality with false passports and located three subjects with arrest warrants.

Andrade also said that in January 2012 they received 500 complaints less, compared with this same period last year.

On the Friday before the operation they had 40 tactical officers, 20 police cars and six wheelers.

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