String Of Costa Rica Earthquakes Felt

earthquake_1 (1)

An earthquake of 5.0 on the richter scale happened yesterday at 1:59 pm near Deer Island, Chira and Bejuco, in the Pacific, and was felt through much of the country. Its epicenter was located 9 miles north of Lepanto in the Gulf of Nicoya, according to the National Seismology Network (RSN).

Because the quake had a depth of 40 km it was not felt more intensely, as experts say, the closer to the surface it is, the stronger it’ll be felt.

For experts, these earthquakes are common in the Pacific, but the inhabitants of coastal areas should always be on alert and aware of the dangers.

Wilfredo Rojas, of the RSN, said the quake was the origin of subduction of the Cocos plate and was reported as moderate to strong effect on the Nicoya Peninsula and Puntarenas, while in the Central Valley was mild.

However, some workers who were in tall buildings, such as employees of the Judiciary in San Jose, abandoned facilities preemptively, when calm returned back to work.

The people of Carthage, Venice, San Carlos, Puntarenas, Guanacaste and Heredia Canas said they had felt the movement strong enough.

So far this March, have felt about 15 earthquakes and magnitude varied between 3 and 5.2 degrees, mainly in the Pacific coast.

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