Storms Dump Rain Around Pacific South and Central

Many areas experienced dark thunderclouds that was generated in the central Pacific and South in the last hours, are causing intense downpours with thunderstorms and strong winds in coastal areas. The data was provided by the National Meteorological Institute (IMN), and reported that this activity may be prolonged until the early hours of the night.

Also reported that due to increased the trade winds, there are also cloud cores in the maritime just off the coast in lemon. This activity could generate moderate to heavy rains in the Caribbean during the night and morning.

The IMN recommends monitoring potential increased flows of rivers and creeks, and possible flooding from sewers saturated in urban areas.

In case of lightningrecommended to seek a shelter if the person or persons are outdoors and avoid being around metal objects if are indoors.

Prevention is also requested on the road by adverse conditions such as slippery surfaces, reduced visibility due to the formation of fog banks.

However, the heavy rains of Thursday afternoon, caused at least ten houses flooded in the La Inmaculada de Quepos.

The rain started about 2:30 pm and had its greatest intensity about 4:30 pm when it began reporting the first floods.

Bemúdez Gerardo, a resident of the area, explained that several residents were affected appliances and furniture due to rising water level.

“Minutes later called the Red Cross who made an rapid assessment. But there were no injuries to lament, “he said.

The neighbors also had to help a elderly couple, because the water they got inside the house.

While it was reported that in Parrita houses were unroofed, and the Red Cross of the canton said that there was only heavy rain.

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