Southern Zone Gets Trees Planted


The community of San Rafael and the river Corredores in the south of the country on Saturday will host a group of volunteers of the University Center of Ciudad Neilly, the State Distance University (UNED).

The idea of ​​the trip is that the Draft Comprehensive Water Resources Management and Environmental Sanitation and other groups are working to protect water resources of the area by planting 400 trees.

Angelica Cordero, coordinator of the Integrated Management of Water Resources and Environmental Sanitation explained, “Our intention through this activity is that people have a bearing on the protection of watersheds and sanitation. For this reason, we invited several groups to participate in this initiative. ”

Of the 400 trees, 50 are soursop, 50 cocoa, 20 Coya, 20 sapote, 100 orange, 50 Balsam, 50 vainillón, among other species.

Besides the protection of water resources, this initiative is to also improve the landscape and attracting more wildlife to the area.

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