Solution Near For Garbage Problem in Perez Zeledon

During the next six months the waste produced in the areas of Perez Zeledon, is going to Miramar de Puntarenas. However, for this year it is expected to start construction of a new landfill in the area known as Angostura.

The problems with garbage collection recurred during the administration of former mayor, Luis Mendieta and present mayor, Vera Corrales, promised a medium-term solution to this problem.

The assistant mayor of Perez Zeledon, Wilberth Navarro explained that the garbage problem in the canton is old but now it wants a comprehensive solution,also addressing the issue of recycling.

One purpose of the mayor of Perez Zeledon is to prevent the waste of the canton has to be moved long distances to their deposition, such as Carthage or Puntarenas.

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