Smoking Ban Passes and is Now Law

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The judges of the Constitutional Court did not find the smoking ban unconstitutional in allowing the President to sign the text to enter into law.

5 to 2 vote, the judges decided that the law was admissible.

This was the first time that the Fourth Chamber halted after a law passed in second reading and enactment suspended by the President of the Republic.

The judges voted for the February 27, minutes after a group of 10 lawmakers submitted a question of constitutionality.

For Rueda, this shows that the Constitutional Court can stop the signing if the query entered legislative approval before the second debate but not notified.

For his part, Minister of the Presidency, Carlos Ricardo Benavides said it is time to discuss in the country, the role of the Constitutional Court.

The smoking ban prohibits smoking in public places, parks, bus stops and barsand restaurants.

It also prohibits the sale of single cigarettes and put a tax of 400 colones per pack.

The Law, the minister of the presidency, said it was a cause for celebration.

The deputy driving the project, Rita Chavez of GO, also welcomed the news:

President of the Chamber of Restaurants, Manuel Burgos, said that although they have their considerations, they will respect the decision of the Fourth Chamber.

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