Smoking Ban Challenged AGAIN

costa rica smoking

The Chamber of Restaurants and Related announced it will present a constitutional motion before the Fourth Chamber against the smoking ban.

The president of the group, Manuel Burgos, explained that he believes that violates the right of free trade.

The law prohibits smoking in places like bars, restaurants, casinos, workplaces and bus stops, among others.

Burgos said the action before the Constitutional Court shall be submitted by April. He added that owners of bars and restaurants are also aware of the importance of protecting the health of Costa Ricans.

The representative of the Chamber said that although the Law is published, if a customer smokes on the premises there is no way to prevent them from doing so because of the lack of regulation.

The coordinator of the National Anti-Tobacco Network (RENATA), David Sancho, said that in the next few days they will enable mechanisms to enable people to send complaints to local authorities.

The Ministry of Health has 3 months to draw up the rules of the smoking ban so they can punish those who fail to comply.

Sancho said that from now people can report any irregularities to the Ministry of Health.

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