Skin Care Crucial During Semana Santa


Enjoy the processions, go to the beach or visit the mountain might be part of your plans this Easter, but make sure the sun does not leave a dangerous mark on your skin.

Dermatologist, Harry Hill, said that the sun emits ultraviolet and infrared, but they cause more damage with respect to aging and skin cancer are the ultraviolet. He emphasized that at higher altitudes such as mountains, where they are strongest and harmful, because of the greater proximity to the sun.

Experts recommend the use of blockers whose protection factor is equal to or greater than 30.

Besides the hours ideal for sunbathing, in moderation, are before 10 am and after 2 pm.

The application of sunscreen is recommended at least every three hours, and the hydration of the skin before and after sunbathing.

The accessories are useful to protect but not replace the use of protection. In addition to children, measures should exercise extreme care.

Hidalgo said, “Five burns before age 18 years, triple the chance of skin cancer in adulthood, and one that caused blisters burned the child, it doubles the chance of cancer”.

Data from the National Cancer Registry show that 45 Costa Rican per 100thousand inhabitants suffer from skin cancer.

This means that by day 11 people are diagnosed with this disease in the country.

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