Shelter Aims To Protect Sloth From Extinction


International media recognizes the importance of preservation of sloths in Costa Rica – mammals that are endangered.

The National Wildlife Refuge “Caribbean Aviarios Sloth Sanctuary” located in Cahuita, Limón, Costa Rica, aims to protect the species from extinction. It aims primarily to deal with over 160 sloths in addition to educating the public about them and expose the true situation of these creatures.

In Costa Rica there is one of the few reserves in the world dedicated exclusively to caring for the lazy animal that is threatened by deforestation and electrified fencing.

This is one of the most emblematic animals of the country and is the least studied of the world, this animal lives only in the Central America. Costa Rica is the only country with this specialized shelter where medical care is given when they are injured. In this shelter sloths reproduce and also teaches them to be reintroduced in their habitat.

This refuge is a labor of love by volunteers and their owners Luis Arroyo andJudy Avery, who founded 20 years ago. The sanctuary relies heavily on donations from private institutions to meet the needs of its growing population.

The founders of this shelter patiently took up the challenge to protect these creatures look slow and friendly. Their effort stands out even in media such as BBC World, Telemundo among others.

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