SENASA Receives More Than 12 Reports Of Cockfighting A Month


The National Health Service (SENASA) per week receives two to three reports of places where cockfighting is practiced, which appear to be mostly in population centers.

Eduardo of SENASA said, “when we come to close the place where these activities are taking place, the owners are moved to a nearby location quickly to avoid arrest.”

Defenders of animal rights categorically reject this act, where animals are forced to fight to the death.

“Usually the fights are until death.” said Gisela Vico President of the National Association for the Protection of Animals.

According to Law 7451, persons performing this activity are subject to fines and administrative processes.

Costa Rican law has recognized that animals are sentient beings, and in that respect the dignity of the person is linked to animals.

If you know a place where they practice these acts, you can report them on the page via the Internet, or any of the regional offices. The complaint is confidential.

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