Security Officers Await Decisions On Cases With Police Officials Involved

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Police investigated their own for having links with criminals, for breaching their job duties or for having practices and ideologies contrary to the country’s security, as in the case of neo-Nazi officer and other cases. These form a line of 2,660 records that are waiting for the Security Ministry to issue an administrative ruling over them.

All records of these cases will be transferred to a new office that is responsible for electronically managing and hopefully accelerate its resolution.

Some of these investigations were initiated in 2008 and there are security forces officers involved as members of other police forces assigned to Security. Several of them even went to criminal court.

Also, there are about 110 cases of officials who work in the administrative area.

The documents of these investigations are stacked in paper files, exposed to disorder and vulnerable to someone who might manipulate them or shield them from the record.

While there is no judgment, the Security Ministry can only suspend them, but with the right to a salary.

For these reasons, it is necessary to accelerate the processes of inquiry, the Ministry sought help from the United States Government.

This was explained by the Security chief, Mario Zamora.

The North American country, through the Central American Initiative for National Security (CARSI by its initials in English), spent about $ 125,000 to a project aimed at creating a new address and digitization of records, as reported by the U.S.A Embassy .

The joint plan seeks mainly to create the Department of Internal Affairs

That dependency will combine the Inspector General of the Armed Forces and the Legal Disciplinary Department At the same time, will be under the direct supervision of the Office of the Minister of Security

The project also seeks full digitization of records For this, the U.S. government will provide computer equipment, software, and also will train managers to manage.

The use of electronic records will allow cases to be resolved quickly.

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