Security Concerns Getting Addressed in Cabinet Meetings

Various officials of the Legislative and Judiciary met in Congress to initiate a series of meetings to reach a “security agreement”. All this in order to combat crime and drug trafficking together with the contributions they each can make.

Members participated in the letter and President Juan Carlos Mendoza, Attorney General Jorge Chavarria, OIJ officials, the president of the Chamber III José Manuel Arroyo and the head of the Public Defenders Office, Marta Iris Muñoz, among others.

Although they invited Security Minister Mario Zamora and justice Hernando Paris, neither attended. Only one to attend from there was, Carlos Alvarado, the Costa Rican Institute on Drugs.

At the meeting, participants raised their concerns, as the prison system,professionalization of police forces, crime prevention, drug control, attack on the premises of the sale, the emerging capital law reforms and more.

The initiation of this agreement, raised to two years of road traveled by this Government, is critical to the Attorney General Jorge Chavarria, who called back because he said, “the important thing is that we at least get started”

What we all regretted was the absence of the Executive.

The former security minister, Fernando Berrocal, believes that the leaders of the current cabinet had to participate in the meeting.

The Congress chief, Juan Carlos Mendoza, said the meeting was for the Executive to participate in order to give impetus to the fight against insecurity.

Mendoza, less than two months to leave office, he is sure that “the alliance forCosta Rica will continue to promote this type of event”

The next meeting is April 4.

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