Sea Shepherd Captain Arrested In Germany

Paul Watson Costa Rica

During the filming of Sharkwater by Rob Stewart, the now infamous Sea Shepherd — a large vessel used in preventing illegal shark finning and whaling — encountered a Costa Rican ship called The Veradero illegally shark finning in Guatemalan waters.

During the incident (all caught on tape), the Sea Shepherd would receive orders from Guatemalan officials to escort the Veradero to port where it’s occupants would be prosecuted.

It didn’t end up this way.

After a change of “heart”, Guatemalan officials would later decide to dispatch a gunboat to intercept the Sea Shepherd. Fearing what could unfold, the Sea Shepherd, captained by Paul Watson, headedPaul Watson Costa Rica for Costa Rica.

The crew would naively believe that Costa Rica wouldn’t partake but again…they were wrong.

Upon arrival in Puntarenas, the crew of the Sea Shepherd were greeted by…you guess it…a raid by OIJ and the Costa Rica Coast Guard. They claimed to be looking for evidence in an “attempted murder” charge the crew of the Veradero were now claiming.

Since then, Paul Watson has toured the world thinking – and again naively – that Costa Rica would have dropped the unfounded charges against him.

Well tonight Mr. Watson remains in a Germany prison awaiting news on whether they will extradite him to Costa Rica to face attempted murder charges or send him back to Canada.

In an unrelated case…

Bruno Saligari of Prince George, BC, Canada — while heading out for what was expected to be a vacation in Cancun, would be detained by Mexican authorities acting on an outstanding Interpol arrest warrant stemming from multiple counts of fraud in Costa Rica.

Despite a clear (view here) Interpol warrant for his arrest, Bruno Saligari would be sent back to Canada rather than extradited due to conflicting opinions on the existing treaties between the countries involved.

What we find interesting in this situation with Paul Watson is the fact that there is NO INTERPOL WARRANT for his arrest.

More on this story as it becomes available…

It has been verified that Canada and Costa Rica DO NOT have an existing extradition treaty however there does exist a mutual crime agreement whereas the countries mutually agree to consider extradition on a case by case basis.

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