Scientists are immersed in Costa Rican waters to search for anticarcinogenic

Starting from March 2013, an international team of scientists plans to descend on the oceans in search of ticos marine organisms with potential anticancer.

This was announced yesterday by the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio) and PharmaMar Spanish company, which already has products on the market as called Yondelis, antitumor marketed in Europe, Japan and the United States.

According to _ Carlos Hernandez, managing director of INBio is expected that for five years, specialized divers will descend between 30 and 500 meters deep within marine protected areas in the country.

First explored in the Pacific and then in the Caribbean.

The experts would collect there very small samples, up to about 160 grams, and then analyzed in laboratories.

In this way active principles that are searched will be useful for the pharmaceutical industry and thus “play” or artificially synthesize these principles to manufacture, from them, new drugs.

Not going to exploit the sea of Costa Rica. It is not a destructive scan, is selective and made by marine biologists, “he said Hernandez, who explains that it takes up to 100,000 samples and an investment of $ 800,000 million to detect a product that works.

It manages all the permissions requested by the country to search in protected areas.

In event of discover something, “shares 50% of the profit with them. For the benefit of the investigation, will receive 10%, and the training of 30 national scientists, “said Hernandez.