School Bus Breaks Fail in Perez Zeledon

A bus with 25 students from the Liceo Nocturno de Palmares in Perez Zeledon,lost its brakes last night causing some young people to be launched to the front door.

The incident occurred at around 6 pm, in the area of the Kings of Daniel Flores.The operation of the driver permitted the vehicle to stop without causing an accident.

Most students on the bus remained uninjured. The Red Cross transported only three students – women who had some hits and breakdown.

“Nothing happened seriously, it was only necessary to move three female patients, one had a nervous breakdown and another was pregnant, but were stable.” said Ely Corrales, a Red Cross paramedic.

Shirley Fernandez, mother of a young women affected said the bus may not have had the necessary permits.

“I really had not confirmed that, just know that the bus was hired by the school.” said Fernandez.

As commented on the students, the bus was in poor condition and maybe had beached on Wednesday night.

For now, the board is withholding the driver’s identity, but they are working on obtaining this information.

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