Same Sex Marriages Could Be Close in Costa Rica

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The judges of the Sala IV have, for nearly two years, been analyzing a claim of unconstitutionality against Article 10 of Regulation of Health Social Security Fund.

The action presented by the lawyer Yashin Castrillo challenges the article includes only that cohabiting couples can marry each other but only when they are heterosexual.

The appeal was filed on May 19, 2010 and was assigned to judge Gilberth Armijo.

The lawyer, Castrillo said there are a lot of international legal precedence on these relationships so that there is no discrimination against homosexual couples.

Armijo tried to contact the judge to explain why it has taken two years of discussing the subject, however, the cell assigned to him in the Judicial Branch is permanently off.

The Fourth Chamber decided for the first time ever last year to grant a specific right to homosexuals.

The judges allowed conjugal visits in prison for same-sex couples.

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