Rural Shopping Centres Suffer From Lack Of Foot Flow

Shopping centers located in areas such as Greece, Liberia, Perez Zeledon and Paraiso de Cartago, are running against time to remain on the business before the departure of renters product of low visitation.

Even some buildings refuse to become business centers, and the lack of shops, restaurants and shoe stores have forced install state offices or private educational institutions.

“The problem was that the initial developer, made some mistakes and for this reason, has been difficult to grow,” said Vanessa Wong, manager of Centro Plaza Liberia, Guanacaste.

Currently, this property are renting offices,to the Social Security Fund and the Ministry of Finance.

Another point that turned its activity was the commercial center La Fábrica, located in the district of Rincon de Arias, five minutes from downtown of Grecia.

This mall opened in 2006 with a very wide range: Magaly chain cinemas, restaurants, shops and entertainment rooms, but today transformed its name to Business Center La Fábrica and 50% of the building is occupied by the University Latina, and there are no cinemas.

It was also affected by the complex, had a strong competition in 2008 from Plaza El Ingenio, located 800 meters north of Central Park, which has 76 shops, restaurants and a cinema complex. This shopping center has established and currently has an occupancy rate of 95%, said Javier Kopper, co-owner.

Across the greater metropolitan area is Plaza Paradise in Cartago, a few miles from a Walmart and a MaxiPalí.

That was how the firm moved its central offices there. In the place there are , a supermarket, a bank branch and business anchor: a Ekono of almost 2,000 m².

“Paraiso Place is a small shopping center where we seek to provide a comprehensive solution for consumers who visit without having to go downtown or the suburbs of Cartago,” Harley Quesada, Manager of Negotiations of the firm, said.

In Perez Zeledon, General Monte Place is a complex that today includes local empty, some of which serve as warehouses.

“The problem is that many businesses that are established here but already in the center, so people prefer to buy there and not come down here so far,” said Carmen Jimenez, store manager Armi.

Juan Pablo Solis, Marketing Manager of the complex, has another explanation: “What happens is that some people at some time comes and puts a business and not have the capital to sustain and, perhaps, does a thorough study to find the types of customers that visits the place. ”

Danny Quiros, real estate consultancy firm Colliers, said the success or failure of a shopping center depends on variables such as knowledge that the developer of the complex has the public, the location and access and quality of the stores.

Esteban Villalobos, Project Director Western Plaza San Ramon, said that the success of this complex resides in the variety of services available for residents of San Ramon, but also for people living in surrounding areas such as Palmares and Naranjo.

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