RITEVE To Mark Tires To Counter The Old Tire Swap Technique


The Road Safety Council (COSEVI) is analyzing the possibility to mark the tires of vehicles with their license plate number to avoid changes before going to the technical review RITEVE.

The purpose is to prevent drivers replacing tires that are damaged for others in better condition just to pass technical review and then after passing the test, using again the old and worn tires.

Silvia Bolaños, director of COSEVI, explained that they will mark the tires with the license plate number.

“The idea is to increase the safety on the roads and prevent some cars with tires in poor condition.” she added. She affirmed that she knows some places that are dedicated to renting tires specifically to go to technical review.

Marvin Salazar COSEVI specialist, explained that work on the regulation of tires is already in place with the Ministry of Economy Industry and Commerce (MEIC).

“The intention is to modify the ordinance that already exists in the MEIC and incorporate this aspect of security.” Salazar said.

He said they are trying to define who can do the job or just merge the bar code of the tire in the vehicle registration information. We will define who and how to mark the tire.” he said.

Erick Herrera, director of Manufacturing Bridgestone of Costa Rica, recommended that the COSEVI analyze exactly what type of mark will be used to avoid altering the composition of the tires.

“It is not recommended to make any kind of alteration, but one possibility safer and easier to implement is to make a hot signal, using the license plate of each vehicle. ”

The mark could be put in the series of the rim or where the DOT is.” explained Herrera.

He said that, under any circumstances it is not appropriate to make a cut to the rim to mark to not to compromise the security offered by the tire.

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