Revenge Could Be Cause of Chirripo Fire


A possible revenge could be the cause of the origin of a fire that has consumed over 120 acres of Chirripo National Park, experts said yesterday.

The reason: the devastated area is frequented by groups of hunters and people who are dedicated to growing beans and cubaces in a place not allowed.

The Fire Department reported that in the moment the fire remains confined thanks to the work of 105 people from the fire brigade, carriers, AyA staff and volunteers from the communities of San Rafael and San Pedro de Perez Zeledon.

Another factor with the brigade fighting in the area is the winds of between 40 and 50 km/h, which is most strongly felt between 12:30 pm and 2 pm

In addition are the two camps, one in San Jeronimo de Perez Zeledon and the other in a San Miguel farm. A team also monitored throughout the night that the fire does not spread.

Hector Chavez, director of the Fire Department, said they also attended forest fires in Puriscal Wells, where 100 hectares were consumed, Ujarrás of Buenos Aires (about 300 hectares between pastures and ranges) and Cañas and Turrucares of Alajuela, with 20 hectares each.

Ronald Chan, Regional Director of Conservation Areas System (SINAC) said yesterday that the fire in the Chirripo is not controlled; is only contained within the ring.

The fire is concentrated and irregular movements make controlling it difficult.

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