Residents Of Perez Zeledon Protest Bridge

Neighbors of Perez Zeledon blocked the passage of a Bailey bridge and called on the authorities to build a walkway to avoid accidents.

3 years ago the municipality began the work to place a Bailey bridge in the city of Perez Zeledon, near the church Divine Child. This bridge connects the neighborhood INVU with the Santa Cecilia, a few meters from the hospital Escalante Pradilla.

This bridge helps cut the route of scores of students that go to school at Pedro Perez Zeledon. The old bridge collapsed under the onslaught of the tropical storm “Alma”. The children cross over the bridge of Los Reyes.

For the danger, the bridge is closed to vehicles. It is a narrow bridge and passing a car and some people at the same time, an accident could occur. or in the worst case, a child could fall to the river as it does not have guardrails.

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