Residents of maritime zone could gain 2 years before any action

A draft law to freeze for two years evictions of people living in coastal areas, has opened doors for approval in Congress.

After the plan was ruled unanimously at the Special Commission of Tourism, a fraction of PLN hopes that next week they will receive the first debate.

Fabio Molina, head of the fraction liberationist, said yesterday that everything will depend on negotiations with Citizen Action to discuss their concerns about the proposed biomedical research

The plan ruled last Tuesday, will benefit thousands of residents of the maritime zone (MTZ), a state-owned strip that runs along the 1,412 kilometers of coastline facing the country.

The ZMT contemplates the inalienable public 50 meters from the low tide line and the next 150 meters of limited nature.

In 1977, with the enactment of the Maritime Terrestrial Zone, were ordered to the municipalities of the coastal counties dislodge and destroy illegal buildings in the Gaza state.

In recent years, calls attention to the Comptroller General of the Republic, municipalities intensified the implementation of that mandate.

The initiative in process in Congress would stop those actions.

In addition, the demolitions are suspended in the two miles of border and on land are natural patrimony.

The plan was rated by unanimity Liberación Nacional (PLN), Citizen Action (PAC), Libertarian Movement, Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC) and Accessibility Without Exclusion (PASE).

The text clarifies that the moratorium does not give titles to the occupants of the ZMT or permission to modify existing buildings or activities, except that there is a sanitary order.

Also, do not suspend the execution of court decisions or administrative provisions which have been demonstrated environmental damage or threat.

Moreover, the State is ordered to ensure that new jobs will not occur and take measures to manageultimately, the problem of the ZMT.